Members + VIP Camping

Members, sponsors and VIP are entitled to make use of the Members and VIP campground. Campsites are not mapped out and are on a first come first served basis. If camping in a group, it is advisable to all arrive at once, as spots cannot be held.

One Night Only Camping

Camping for a single night is available near the entry gate for those who are only coming up for one day. Multiple nights in this location is not permitted, check out time is noon.

Reserved Camping

Reserved camping is available in campground A and B, allowing guests to choose their campsite. Reserved camping allows groups who wish to camp together the option of arriving at different times.

Reclaiming your campsite

Pre-sales of festival and campsite tickets are available throughout the weekend at our office near the concert entrance, and until September 30th through our phone line. Until August 31st, only members may buy a deck ticket. During the presale period, you may purchase your current site or any unoccupied site.

After the pre-sale, your current campsite is available to anyone, it cannot be held.