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Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa is a three-day event on the August long weekend, and the gates to the site will open as follows:

Gates:  Thursday to Sunday 10:00 am until 10:00 pm

Trailer entry: For safety reasons, no trailers will be permitted into the campgrounds after 9:00 pm

Info Booth:  Friday to Sunday 11:00 am -10:00 pm

Showers: Friday - Sunday from 8 am-5 pm. The cost is $5.00 - Ice will be sold at Showers

Ice Sales: Traveling through the campgrounds Friday-Sunday from 11 am-5 pm. $5 per bag

For camper sewer and water services, text numbers will be provided as we get closer to the event. Give them your site number, the road your camper is on and the type of camper. You must be at your camper at the time of service.

The deck is open to everyone during the day and will be closed 1 hour before the first scheduled evening performer on the main stage to allow us to prepare for deck pass holders.

A deck pass is required for access to the handicap deck in the evening. Additional handicap access is located at the top of the main concert bowl. Mobility scooters allowed.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon activities, including Rock Off, will be held in the amphitheater area. Details at the Info/Merch booth in the vendor area, on social media.

In the event of an emergency a siren will sound, proceed to the nearest muster point, and await further instructions.

Muster point A is in front of the main stage.

Muster Point B is lakeside to the west of Clarke’s Hill camping.

Muster Point C is in the dip between campground A and B.

Each Muster Point is identified with a sign overhead. Please note the locations as you move around the


  • We want everyone to have a fun and safe weekend, so please respect our rules and respect your neighbors.

  • Upon arrival, your concert tickets are to be exchanged for wristbands.

  • Wristbands are not to be tampered with, must always be worn, may be checked at any time and remain the property of RFM.

  • You must have a wristband to be in the campground area and we reserve the right to remove them at any time.

  • All vehicles entering the gates must stop and speak to an attendant upon each entry.

  • All motorized vehicles must display a valid camping(vehicle) sticker to enter the gates and it must be affixed to the window.

  • One vehicle per campsite. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

  • Please drive slowly through the campgrounds when arriving and leaving.

  • Vehicles will NOT be allowed to cruise around the campsites at any time.

  • For safety reasons vehicle access to the camping area is not permitted after 10:00 pm.

  • No personal ATV’s, golf carts, dirt bikes, scooters, etc. allowed on site. Mobility scooters allowed.

  • No glass bottles or glass containers allowed on site for safety reasons.

  • You are supplied with garbage bags, please use them, and keep your campsite clean. Place your tied garbage bags at your campsite flag for pick up or put in garbage barrels or dumpsters.

  • No weapons of any kind are allowed on site and will be confiscated.

  • No pets allowed in camping, festival, or parking areas.

  • No open fires, propane fire pits, propane heaters or citronella torches, pails, or candles.

  • Propane BBQ’s or gas stoves are permitted in the camping area.

  • No fireworks or floating lanterns with candles of any kind allowed on site. Persons setting off fireworks or launching candles will have their wristbands removed and will be immediately ejected from the event.

  • Furniture, vehicles, and excessive garbage remaining on site the Tuesday after the concert will be removed at the expense of the person registered to the campsite plus a fee of $50. 
  • RFM reserves the right to limit noise & rowdiness at anytime and anywhere.

  • Generators are allowed on site, but patrons may be asked to turn them off if use is loud or excessive. Please refrain from using generators after midnight or while you are away from your campsite.  Please respect your neighbors.

  • All bags and knapsacks will be searched prior to entry to the concert area.

  • No outside liquor, food or beverages or umbrellas are allowed in the concert area; however, factory sealed bottled water is permitted as well as lawn chairs and blankets for seating.

  • Patrons must be 18 years or over to purchase liquor. You must produce PHOTO identification if asked, or risk being ejected from the site.

  • No video cameras, recording devices or drones allowed. Unauthorized recording of artists is strictly prohibited.

  • Unauthorized soliciting on site is not permitted.

  • Security will always be on site, please treat them with respect. Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa is not responsible for any damages, thefts, lost tickets, or personal injury. While away from your campsite, please keep your vehicles locked with any valuables in the trunk.

      • RFM and Security personnel have the final say regarding safety issues. After hour Security and First Aid can be accessed at the First Aid trailer between the shower building and the deck entrance or by calling 204-867-2753.
  • Persons engaging in violent, obscene, or unruly behavior will be immediately removed from concert site, campgrounds, or parking lots, and may be handed over to the RCMP.