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What kind of admission do I need to enter the campgrounds?
You will need valid wristband to be in the campgrounds.  If you are camping your vehicle must have a valid camping pass affixed to the vehicle.

How many vehicles are allowed on my campsite?
Each campsite includes parking for one ‘steering wheel,’ like a car/truck or a motorhome. Additional vehicles can park in day parking or off site.

Are pets permitted?
No pets are permitted in camping, Concert Bowl or parking areas.

Does my campsite include hookups for water or electricity?
All campsites are primitive. You’re welcome to run a generator, except during our Quiet Hours, 2am - 7am.

We will have a team onsite providing fresh water and septic services. Stay tuned for details.

How large are the campsites?
In Campground A each site measures approximately 20' x 25'.  In Campground B regular sites measure approximately 20’ x 30’ and oversize/large sites measure approximately 20’ x 50’.   Under no circumstances can items in your campsite impede on another campsite. This includes camper/RV pop-out slides.

Is the price for my campsite just one day or the whole weekend? When do I need to vacate my campsite after the event?
When you purchase a campsite, it’s yours for the entire weekend. We do not sell campsites for single nights. We ask that your campsite is clean and empty by the end of the day on the Monday following the event.

*Please note, owners of trash filled sites will be subject to a fine starting at a minimum of $100 and may have renewal rights suspended.

What are the rules regarding generators?
Generators are allowed but must be turned off during our Quiet Hours or while you are away from your campsite. Quiet Hours are 2am - 7am. If your generator makes excessive noise and fumes it will be shut off. People with health-related issues that require generators to run all night must run “whisper mode” to not disturb other campers. Any non-compliance will result in eviction without refund. If festival organizers or security request that you turn off your generators, this request is non-negotiable.

Can I light a bonfire?
Bonfires and any fire of any kind, including tiki torches, propane fire pits, propane heaters, citronella pails or candles are PROHIBITED in the campgrounds.

Can I bring a grill?
Gas burning BBQ’s are permitted.

What should we do with our garbage and recyclables?
Please keep your campsite clean and use the garbage and recycling bags provided in the campground bag you receive when you arrive.  Tied bags can be placed at your campsite flag for pick up or put in garbage barrels or dumpsters nearby.  Additional trash bags are available from campground staff or at the main gate office.

Owners of trash filled sites or leaving furniture, vehicles or campers after the festival will be subject to a minimum fine of $100 and may have renewal rights suspended.

What are the rules for driving in the campgrounds? Please drive slowly through the campgrounds when arriving and leaving. Vehicles are not permitted to cruise around the campsites at any time.  

ATVs, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, Hoverboards or any other similar devices are not allowed in the campgrounds, with the exception of those permitted for handicap transportation. Unauthorized vehicles may be impounded and Rockin’ the Fields accepts no responsibility for such vehicles, or for any damage to unauthorized vehicles.

Rockin’ the Fields considers motorcycles vehicles. Should you choose to bring a motorcycle to Rockin’ the Fields, it must have the appropriate tag (valid camping vehicle sticker).  All motorcycles found without the appropriate credential may be removed. There is no designated motorcycle parking area in any of our campgrounds or parking lots.

We need assistance in the campgrounds. How do we get help?
If the matter is urgent, please call 1.888.330.8333 with as many details as possible.

If the matter is not an emergency, locate one of the campground or main gate personnel or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with as many details as possible, including your contact information and campsite number.

Does my campsite include admission to the Concert Bowl?
The purchase of your campsite does not include admission to the Concert Bowl. Please note, in order to enter the campgrounds and access your campsite, you will need to purchase a full weekend admission.

Is there a limit on the number of people that can stay on a campsite?
We do not limit the number of fans per campsite, as long as you all have a valid weekend pass and fit - but you are responsible for all guests on your site. Respect your camping neighbor’s.